High quality affordable luxury pens

“There’s no second chance for a first impression.
A high-quality pen from Panamint Pen is a small detail – but a very impressive one.”

Affordable ballpoint pens that don't show the price

Affordable ballpoint pens are mass-produced plastic products, right? WRONG!
Affordable ballpoint pens are environmentally harmful disposable products, right? WRONG!
Affordable ballpoint pens are embarrassing somehow, right? WRONG!

Panamint Pen puts an end to the conventional ballpoint pen business: The Panamint Pen Telescope feels noble. It writes and impresses like a design classic costing hundreds of euros. And all it costs is – what do you think?

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Affordable ballpoint pens - the Panamint Pen Revolution:

Where contracts are being negotiated, deals are being made and careers are being established, the choice of a tie, shoes or a pen can make the difference between success and defeat.

The story of Panamint Pen begins in such an environment – a large law school. “All right – cheap plastic pens don’t do. For environmental reasons, but also for image reasons.” This was the thought of a budding lawyer, who set out in search of a solid, luxurious, elegant designer pen made of metal. Yes, this has always been available. But unfortunately not at affordable prices.

Others would have given up at some point. Georg Wimmer founded a company: Panamint Pen. His goal: to make exclusive design affordable. There is a huge gap between cheap plastic and the luxury segment. The Panamint Pen Telescope fills this gap. Metal writing luxury not only under 200 euros. But under one hundred euros. Even under 50 euros. And clearly so. Yes, you may believe it. Yes, it is a revolution. And no, you won’t find that in any shop. Only here. Only now. Only online.