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4 ways a high-quality ballpoint pen can help through Corona Quarantine!

The corona virus holds us in its grip, whole countries are shutting down. Everybody is frantically trying to have enough supplies for a longer stay at home. How can a high-quality ballpoint pen help me now? What advantage would it have to have a Panamint Pen Telescope at home now?

You carry the last rolls of toilet paper home, the door closes one last time for several days. And now? It is a situation most of us have never experienced before, several days or even weeks without leaving the house. Here are our 4 tips on how one or even a few fancy pens at home can improve the quarantine.

Solve a crossword puzzle

No pencil, no crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles help to keep the brain alert and let time pass by. Especially in times when one pays special attention to hygiene and cleanliness, high-quality pens are particularly suitable. A metal ball pen is not only quick and easy to clean, unlike plastic it also feels clean and natural.

Writing a shopping list

If you want to avoid mistakes you need a plan. This is  more important than ever right now. The best thing to do is to go to the supermarket, which is still possible in most countries despite corona quarantines, with a shopping list. Here, too, a high-quality ballpoint pen can prove all its advantages over the plastic mass. With a shopping list you not only prevent impulse purchases, you can also plan balanced meals for the next few days in advance and shop accordingly.

Writing a diary

The Corona crisis will pass, and one thing is certain: one day, we will tell our children and grandchildren about it. What could be more exciting for the following generations than to read a daily, hand-written report from their own parents or grandparents? Again, it is obvious how a Panamint Pen Telescope can help to write down unique reports. Writing is simply more fun with the right pen.

Instagram motive

Even in quarantine periods, Instagram fans want to stay up to date. How can a high-quality ballpoint pen help? A ballpoint pen like the Panamint Pen Telescope should not be missing from any photo that depicts everyday life at home. Instagram lives from the message that a picture should spread. A ballpoint pen stands for productivity, style but also comfort.

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