Panamint Pen Telescope metal pen in breast pocket of white shirt

EDC pen – what do I have to consider when buying?

EDC pen? EDC stands for Every Day Carry, i.e. for the objects you carry with you throughout the day. This can include a smartphone, keys, sunglasses, a wallet or even a good ballpoint pen. An EDC pen is a pen that you can easily put in a trouser or the pocket of a jacket and carry with you throughout the day. It does not matter if you need the pen to sign contracts, make notes, fill out forms or just write a shopping list.

So what do I have to look out for when I want to buy a good EDC pen? Does it have to be one of those expensive luxury pens or are there better and cheaper alternatives?

Ballpoint pen in the right size

A good EDC pen is characterized by the fact that it has the perfect size to be carried easily and comfortably in your trouser or jacket, backpack or handbag. “Less is more” proves to be true once again; as so often. A diameter of one centimeter is a sweat spot, in our eyes. Large enough to fit well, stable and natural in the hand, but light and slim enough to disappear inconspicuously in the pocket of your trousers. The length also plays a big role: neither should the pen be too short, so that it feels like a pencil stump, nor should it be too long, and thus not fit in pants or jackets. In our experience, about 14 cm is perfect.

An EDC pen made of the right material

A EDC pen is meant to accompany us in our everyday lives and are therefore should be designed to withstand a lot. They should be durable and stable enough to withstand frequent use, but light enough not to seem like an extra burden to carry through everyday life. Because you don’t do what doesn’t feel good: if the pen is too heavy, it stays at home. This is where experience shows that stainless steel ballpoint pens achieve the best results. In the ideal dimensions this results in a weight of about 20 grams, which is perceived by most people as a an ideal weight that lays comfortably in the hand, but is not too heavy and therefore does not exhaust the hand even when writing for a long time. In addition to the weight, stainless steel also offers the advantage of making the pen extremely robust. It can even survive a fall from a considerable height.

Does an EDC pen have to look good?

The short answer is: Yes! If an EDC pen looks high quality and serious, then this is the cherry on the top. Let’s be honest, if you search for “EDC” on the internet you will find many sites and videos which pretend that you have to prepare your EDC for desert expeditions, exploration tours and the like. But the truth is that most of us just want to be well-equipped to go through everyday life in the small or big city jungle. A bulky titanium ballpoint pen, which you might even use as a cartridge for a dangerous weapon (we’re kidding, if such a thing actually exists, we would appreciate a note in the comments :D), might sound good, but for many of us it has limited use. A fancy pen that is raises the eyebrows of an admirer when it is pulled out of a jacket pocket has a lot more advantages for us.

Conclusion: the perfect EDC ballpoint pen?

The perfect EDC pen should be stable and yet light. It should be about 14 cm long and have a diameter of about one centimetre. And if on top of that the pen looks good and costs little, then it fulfils everything you could wish for! And where can you get this one, perfect ballpoint pen? Luckily: here! The Panamint Pen Telescope fulfills all these requirements. Many positive feedbacks from our enthusiastic customers confirm this. And the best thing is that the Telescope costs considerably less than comparable ballpoint pens, online and offline!

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