Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality ballpoint pens - frequently asked questions

High-quality ballpoint pens - how can you recognize them?

As soon as you pick up your Panamint Pen Telescope, the question is answered: The solid metal. The flawless workmanship. The incomparably balanced, comfortable writing experience. And a design that turns an object of daily use into an impressive piece of jewellery.

Why Panamint Pen?

The Panamint Pen Telescope is a high-quality ballpoint pen at a fair price. The metal ballpoint pen captivates with very good haptics and elegant design. The Telescope is not decorated with diamonds or gold. This is reflected in an affordable price. The Panamint Pen Telescope costs only 34,99 Euro.

We are convinced that a good and trustworthy product must meet the highest standards. Panamint Pen was founded because we could not find a ballpoint pen that could meet our high quality standards and was affordable at the same time. Panamint Pen fills this gap and offers high quality metal pens at fair prices. 

High-quality ballpoint pens - is it possible to get them at fair prices?

Yes, but only here. And certainly not in any business. Exclusively here and now in our online shop.

High-quality ballpoint pens are presented as luxury goods in the jewelry showcases of upscale retailers. Several hundred euros are added between the manufacturing costs and the selling price. Panamint Pen skips wholesale and retail, sells only here and only online – and offers high-quality pens at a surprisingly fair price.

High quality ballpoint pens under 50 Euros? Where is the catch?

There’s no catch. Panamint Pen has set itself the goal of making a representative-looking, high-quality writing instrument affordable, for everyone. Without wholesale and retail structures, expensive advertisements in glossy magazines, special models with gold leaves and diamonds… – in short, everything that buyers of expensive ballpoint pens don’t need, but still pay for. The result is the Panamint Pen Telescope – maximum quality at a minimum possible price.

High-quality ballpoint pens - do they have to be made of metal?

They don’t have to, but they’re supposed to. Metal has many advantages. It is infinitely more durable than plastic. A metal ballpoint pen is not a disposable product, but a sustainable environmentally friendly tool. And it gives you a luxurious, effortless writing experience: you have to feel the Panamint Pen Telescope in your hand to really appreciate the difference. Tomorrow, yours may be on its way to you.

What happens when the pen runs out of ink?

The Panamint Pen Telescope is a high-quality metal ballpoint pen. As such, it can provide years of outstanding service. But even with a pen of the highest quality, the cartridge will eventually be empty and run out of ink.

Each Panamint Pen Telescope contains a standard size refill of the type G2 large-capacity, which can be bought cheaply in specialized shops or online. Currently Panamint Pen unfortunately does not offer any “inhouse” refills. We are working on being able to offer you our own refills in the future.

Why can I ony buy it in this shop?

We deliberately only offer Panamint Pen in this online shop. This way, it should be possible to maintain the low price level in the long run. You can order the pen easily and at any time. One can think about the purchase without any worries and inform oneself thoroughly. Panamint Pen’s mission is to be able to offer customers high-quality ballpoint pens at reasonable prices on a long-term and sustainable basis! The best way to do this is to sell them exclusively through our shop!

What are the shipping conditions?

We ship free of charge within Austria, and at a flat rate of EUR 3.50 within the EU. For orders outside of the EU we will contact you individually in order to offer you the best possible shipping option.

Details of our shipping conditions can be found on the Shipping page.