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Luxury Pens by Panamint Pen – Our Philosophy

This article will be a little more philosophical than the last ones, because it is intended to give you an understanding of what the basic idea of Panamint Pen is and why we sell luxury pens. What is the reason we even sell pens? Why is it so important to offer pens at a reasonable price? Why do we want people to buy luxury pens?

Luxury pens! But why?

As the founder of a new brand, you could sell anything. So why exactly pens? The story begins when the founder of Panamint Pen wanted to buy a high-quality ballpoint pen, preferably made of metal, and above all affordable. He found luxury pens in many stationary shops in Vienna, Austria, which met his high standards, but at prices he was not willing to pay as a student with limited budget. So there was a niche in the market that had to be filled: luxury pens at affordable prices, for all those who have an eye for detail and want something more than writing with common plastic pens.

Does a luxury pen have to be affordable?

A luxury pen is a high end product. Something that you buy once and then keep for a long time. Shouldn’t you pay a bit more, one might think? We think so, but the price should still be reasonable. You should after all pay a fair price for what you get. We simply think that the more you pay for a luxury pen, the more the extra value diminishes.

We noticed that many people are willing to invest in a special ballpoint pen. The choice of the ballpoint pen is a small detail that can make your own appearance stand out from the crowd. Sitting across from someone (such as a business partner or future boss) who has an eye for detail himself, a luxury pen can bring another trump card out of your sleeve and win respect in the other person’s eye. Luxury pens are worth a small investment, but are they also worth several hundred Euro? Not for many people, to be honest. It is precisely for these people, including ourselves, that we offer an alternative to established brands.

Luxury pens and our philosophy

So where does it all boil down to? The word on which our philosophy is based is “efficiency”! Efficiency in price: high quality for little money. Efficiency in customer service: uncomplicated and with the sole aim of making YOU satisfied. Panamint Pen wants to offer luxury pens for those customers who make conscious purchasing decisions, who want to make sure they get the most for their money. If you have read this far, you surely like what you have read, right? Then take a look at the Panamint Pen Telescope, where your search for the perfect ballpoint pen has finally come to a satisfactory end.

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