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What causes a high quality pen to be of high quality?

Every day we are flooded with pens. Advertising pens in a bank, in the university, or in a pub. Only on very rare occasions does a ballpoint pen stand out pleasantly from the plastic mass. But what qualities does a beautiful ballpoint pen or a high quality ballpoint pen need to have in order to be perceived as such?

Ballpoint pens made of high quality materials

The biggest difference between a high-quality ballpoint pen and an unspectacular mass product is the material. Anyone who has ever used a metal ballpoint pen knows that it feels different, better, cleaner and more durable than plastic. Plastic quickly feels sticky and sweaty. Metal, on the other hand, feels clean, durable and high-end.

In addition to the writing comfort, the material also plays a completely different, functional role: it increases durability. Let’s be honest, is a cheap ballpoint really worth the effort to buy a new refill? Will it even last until the first cartridge is empty? With high quality ballpoint pens, both questions can be answered clearly with Yes. A high quality metal ballpoint pen lasts as long as you look after it. Accordingly, high quality ballpoint pens are also worth changing the refill repeatedly. And, what should not be forgotten either, a durable ballpoint pen is better for the environment. Better than plastic pens that end up in the garbage and finally in the ocean.

A high quality ballpoint pen is worth its investment. Firstly, the writing comfort of using a metal pen is not comparable to that of a plastic pen. Secondly, the premium materials make you want to take care of the pen, just as you would do with other everyday items. And thirdly, our planet is also happy if it is not filled with rubbish every time a ballpoint pen is written empty.

High quality ballpoint pen equals high quality design

A second important characteristic of a high quality ballpoint pen is its design. Good design must last a long time. Bad design will no longer interest anyone tomorrow. However, design is not only the optics, but also the combination of good looks and practical construction. A high quality ballpoint pen is also characterised by its excellent, well thought-out and functional construction. When opening the ballpoint pen, for example to replace the cartridge, no loose parts should go missing. When the ballpoint pen is opened, everything stays in place.

A second design element, which unfortunately often does not receive enough attention, is a twist mechanism. A silent rotation of the case causes the ink cartridge to emerge. The advantage of such a system is that the well-known and annoying click sound of a ballpoint pen is eliminated.

A high quality ballpoint pen can do both!

A high-quality ballpoint pen therefore combines durable and visually appealing materials and is designed for practical use. It fulfils its task without any problems and looks good at the same time. The search for this ballpoint pen can prove to be difficult due to small supply or high prices, but it does not have to be. With its Telescope, Panamint Pen offers a timeless and high quality ballpoint pen that meets all the above criteria down to the smallest detail. And the best thing about it is that, unlike with established brands, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

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